18/19 Winter Series

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It’s nearly time! The FoDRCCC Winter Series for 2018/19.

8 Rounds, best 6 to count.

Usual format, 3 qualifying (FTD) and 1 final for all. Points are the usual 100 for 1st Qual/Final, 99 for 2nd Qual/Final etc

Dates are…









Classes as usual as well… with the addition of a 4wd MChassis class!

One Day Championship Results

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A fantastic day on the 17th, saw a packed field of drivers racing MChassis, GT12s, Touring cars and a lonely LMP at the Raceway for the One Day Championship.

Fantastic time had by all, with the track proving really grippy and a popular layout for all classes.

Spec MChassis

  1. Mark Greenhill
  2. Jay Deakin (Junior)
  3. Ashley Roat

Open MChassis

  1. David Motterham
  2. Micheal Snelling
  3. Matthew Bennett

4wd MChassis

  1. Mark Greenhill (MRage)
  2. Rob Smyth (Xpress)
  3. Dan Woodland (MRage)

GT12/LMP (stock)

  1. Daniel Sparrow (Schumacher)
  2. Bill Hickman (Schumacher LMP)
  3. Chris Hughes (Zen Racing)

17.5t Touring Car

  1. Chris Gunter (Xray)
  2. Andy Travis (Destiny)
  3. Liam Hammond (Awesomatix)

Full results available here. C

One Day Championship

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Forest Raceway All day meeting

Meeting date will be 17th November, 2018.

Link to book in here

Classes to run

  • 17.5t Touring Car
  • Open Mchassis (to include 4WD Mchassis)
  • Spec Mchassis
  • GT12
  • LMP12 (stock)

Note: We aim to run to a maximum of 6 cars per heat and a minimum of 3. Class rules can be found on the Forest Raceway website (www.forestraceway.co.uk)


1st Class – £10.00

2nd Class – £2.50

Transponder hire – £1.50

Day Format

  • 08:45 – Track open for booking into race control; Open practise
  • 10:00 – Track closed; Heats sorted;
  • 10:10 – Drivers briefing
  • 10:20 – First heat starts
  • 12:30 – Break for lunch (dependant on numbers and rounds completed)
  • 13:00 – Third round of qualifying starts
  • 15:00 – Finals Sorted
  • 15:10 – First leg of finals
  • 16:30 – Approx Meeting end with prize giving

We are anticipating being able to run at least four rounds of Round by Round qualifying, with best two rounds to count, in the event of a tie, best time will be used.

Finals will be held over two legs, with scores added together to give final position. In the event of a tie, best final time will be used.

Venue Notes

We will have full power to every pit table space, no daisy chaining needed.

Tables and chairs are provided, please use a pit mat on the table to keep clean.

There will be hot and cold food available (costs TBD), but there are shops within a short drive away should you wish for anything else.

Timing screens will, hopefully, be setup before the event, so you can keep any eye on the current round and timing.

A big note, is that we use the IRACE timing system and NOT amb. We have a limited number of transponders we are able to lend out (<10 at the current time) but we are hoping to secure more for the event. If you wish to purchase one, they are very cheap and worth getting hold of from Kamtec Models. If you do require one, we will allocate on a first come, first served basis.

Specific Rules

Lipos must be charged within a lipo sack and to a maximum voltage of 4.2v per cell. Random checks will be carried out before rounds.

Failure to marshal will result in your FTD being removed up to that point. We will use the ETS marshaling system,wherby you marshal the heat that is two after yours. (IE. Heat One marshals heat Three, Heat two = heat four, etc.)


Please feel free to spread the word out. We have a maximum of around 40 pit spaces available and it would be fantastic to fill the venue!

Normal club rules as found on our website will apply (language, alcohol, etc).

All day meeting plans

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The FoDRCCC Committee is keen to hold an all day meeting in the near future.

We are currently looking at the options and looking for interest in classes and days to run on.

If you can spare a couple of minutes, please fill in the form below!



Summer championship round up

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Tuesday 21st of August was the final round of the exciting, Forest Raceway summer championship.

The committee would like to thank all the racers who came to race to see who would be the best!

Spec MChassis

1 Matthew Bennett

2 Nic Rizzardini

3 Haydn Williams

Open MChassis

1 James Bond

2 David Motterham

3 Paul Marshall (Vice Chair)

Junior MChassis

1 Tyler Greenway

2 Nicolas Garland

3 Maisie Hay


1 Chris Hughes (Zen Racing)

2 Mike Snelling

3 Martyn Waterhouse

17.5t Touring Car

1 Mark Raddenbury (Xpress)

2 Mark Bruton-Young (Schumacher RC)

3 Mark Greenhill

Top 3; Open MChassis

Top 3; Spec MChassis
Top 3; 17.5t Touring Car
Top Junior; Tyler

MChassis updates

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The committee is always listening I! We’ve updated the M-Chassis e, both Spec and Open.

Included now is the 3Racing Sakura MG Mini. This fwd rocket, is of similar pace to an M07 and, at only £65 plus postage, would be an attractived entry level RC for someone!

As with rrany rule changes we make, we always constantly review them to ensure fair play to all drivers.

Summer Championship Round 4

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With round 4 of the Summer Championship done and dusted, things are looking pretty sown up across some of the categories.

Open MChassis – James Bond has taken a commanding lead from Paul Marshall
Spec MChassis – Matthew Bennett has pushed himself even further from Nic Rizzardini
17.5t Touring – Mark Raddenbury has extended his lead but only by a slim margin to Mark Bruton-Young

Tuesday night saw the return of the Junior MChassis runners (who now have their own championship). Maisie, Nicholas and Tyler all running extremely well together and putting out PB after PB. Tyler heads the championship followed by Nicholas and Maisie.

Tuesday also saw a heat of GT12 cars for the first time in a while. All 3 runners putting in fantastic laptimes and close racing. Chris Hughes has taken the lead in the championship, followed by Mike Snelling and Martyn Waterhouse. Hopefully we’ll see some more GT12 drivers in the coming weeks!

Championship table is here

Results from Tuesday night are here


A new track layout is in place for the next two months. Potentially a slower lap, but will we still see the occasional sub 8s from the quick boys?